Approximately 1,750 square meters where grapes, in total tranquility, become wine. The temperature and lighting of all the winery rooms have been studied with great attention, creating the ideal environment for each processing stage.

The Tinaia: Six large concrete vats are placed inside here; each of them – at the request of Giordano Emendatori – has been decorated by a different artist, giving a very unusual appearance to the place and you can admire them through a glass wall …

Bottaia : A real temple of Sangiovese wine, protected by two ancient Chinese warriors who watch constantly over the barrels where, inside, the biodynamic wine MaraMia rests for twelve months. An elegant architecture, soft lighting and a unique egg-shaped barrel originating from France, is located in the center of the room, making it a charming place which has no equal on the international scene.

Music and Wine: to give an extra touch of sacredness, there are Gregorian chants that, night and day, accompany the aging of the biodynamic wine MaraMia.

Finally, the Barricaia: a beautifully decorated room, which recalls Byzantine art, for safeguarding the barriques and tonneaux where MaraMia patiently matures before being bottled and then delivered to tables of the most refined palates of the planet.