In Italy, in the heart of Romagna, among works of art and classical music, MaraMia was born, king of biodynamic wine according to the Luca Maroni Guide: twenty thousand bottles produced using a strict method, banning chemical substances and paying attention to ecological materials, energy sources and water management.

 This is the story of a dream, the dream of a businessman and two agronomists, who “put down roots” in an exceptional terrain.

An intuition which was rewarded with distinction in January 2017 by the CasaClime Wine Certification.

Tenuta Mara, the biodynamic wine estate in San Clemente Rimini, in the heart of Italy, achieved the aspired CasaClime – Wine certificate. A very demanding protocol, specifically envisaged for wineries, characterized by very high standards which evaluate both the building envelope and the use of ecological materials, attention to energy sources and water management.

The journey took about four years and involved many consultants. Tenuta Mara is therefore the first wine estate in Emilia-Romagna to achieve this prestigious certification, and is certified at 5th place in Italy among the wine estates which culminated the delicate process of accreditation.

Not bad for a project born from a dream, Giordano Emendatori’s dream, successful businessman in the food sector, and brought to life thanks to the fundamental support of agronomist Leonello Anello and winemaker Leonardo Pironi, the actual conductor of the wine estate, who after having trodden on French territory searching for a comparable experience, helped bring about Tenuta Mara.

You can find us in San Clemente, on the hills of Rimini, in the heart of central Italy, in a unique place, where the tone of green prevails, actually the green, intended as an ethical and environmental manifest, applied literally.

A recognizable architectonic identity is inserted into every element and blends the aesthetic needs harmoniously and functionally, giving body to a vision which embraces sustainability as the supreme being. Attention which also reflects in the most minute detail, and which dictates the line, but first and foremost the choice of materials.

If for the outer casing, bricks and clay tiles were used originating from Ytong recycled cement, ecologically certified, the usual synthetic insulation, such as polyurethane foam,  has been completely replaced by their ecological version, the Multipor from the Xella Group. The designers used an ecological mortar, “Oltremateria”, for the flooring with a sustainability certificate;  the same solution was used to cover all the washable surfaces.  The paint also has ecological certification. Lastly, the glass section: the window fixtures, originating from a company in Bressanone, are in natural solid wood which come from forests that have been managed in a conscious way, paying attention to restore forest life. The windows are fitted out with an external darkening system, with sensitive sensors to sunlight, so as to avoid the rise of temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

The use of ecological material and the struggle against loss of heat and energy are associated with the use of alternative energy sources. The “batteries” of Tenuta Mara are found in the subsoil, where geothermal systems are preserved, 15 wells which are 150 meters deep for an efficient exchange of heat, and up above, on the pitched roofs of every building, the stables, the resort, the housing and so on, the solar panels are positioned.

One can compare Tenuta Mara to a large organism, a living being: the brain is an automated system, which manages all the facilities by optimizing and verifying the consumption of the various areas.

Tenuta Mara is a very unexpected place. Able to amaze you: the sculptures in the park, the vats which are hand painted by artists, ancient Chinese warriors guard the barrels, Mozart notes flow through the vines, one hears Gregorian chants where the wine ferments and there is a blue Fazioli Grand Piano, surrounded by glass windows overlooking the infinite horizon. With all this beauty, don’t let yourself get distracted, the main work of art here, is the wine: Maramia, 20 thousand bottles a year of an elegant and refined red wine, ‘Demeter’ certified, produced with 100% Sangiovese and meticulously following the decree of biodynamic agriculture. The results were not long in coming: for the third year, the Luca Maroni Guide described Maramia as the best biodynamic wine in Italy.