Origins of Sangiovese

Sangiovese di Romagna is a remarkable wine from ancient origins. In Roman times its name was Sanguis Jovis, or blood of Jupiter (hence Sangiovese), since its homeland surrounded Mount Jupiter, near Santarcangelo di Romagna. Sangiovese, the undisputed king of red wines in Italy, is the result of one of the most popular Italian varieties, grown from Romagna to Campania. Its “family” has created ten different varieties, highlighting the success of some of the most prestigious Italian wines. Sangiovese, the totally unique and valuable variation of Tenuta Mara is distinguished by an intense color and a fine fruity aroma.

A sip of our wine can infuse history in one glass. Passion and ecological sensitivity of a family who has made biodynamic farming and good taste an essential characteristic of quality of its wine production.