Harvest and Vinification

Biodynamic farming is a farming method that aims for excellence by taking, as a basis, the most effective practices of traditional natural methods. It all begins in the month of September, when the grapes are manually picked one by one and arranged in small boxes, in order to keep the harvest intact and to avoid damage.

The first selection is done directly in the vineyard where, after being examined closely, only the best grapes are selected. The method is the same, the biodynamic viticulture method, but every year nature writes a different story, making each harvest unique and special.

Tenuta Mara harvesting is done by hand, the biodynamic winemaking is natural, and the fermentation does not require the addition of yeast. The marcs are not pressed and the wine is not filtered to ensure aromatic integrity. This is why, in a bottle of MARAMIA, you will only find wine, biodynamic red wine from 100% Sangiovese grapes .