The Protagonists

For some people, quality always comes first. Some have instinct for good things, some are guided by the heart, and some by the brain: these people are the main characters of the Mara Estate. Here is a brief description of each of them for those of you who would like to know more.

Giordano Emendatori

Successful businessman in the food sector, in 2000 Giordano decided to embark on a new adventure, this time in the wine growing. Tenuta Mara was born from the spirit of a man who does not compromise on the quality of his product. This is why he chose biodynamic farming.

Mara Emendatori

Mara is the creative inspiration, wife and lifelong partner of Giordano; she is who the entire project is dedicated to. She has a particular sensitivity for fine wines without going into the technicalities of a sommelier. The measurement units of her judgment are simple and genuine: ‘very good, good, not good’. The result is that Mara can always identify the best wines.

Elena Emendatori

The obstinacy of her father and the sensibility of her mother, blend perfectly in Elena, second daughter of the owners of Tenuta Mara. The wonderful and equally complex task of managing the winery was entrusted to her, and Elena has given a personal mark of femininity and great dynamism to the estate.

Leonello Anello

Leonello is an agronomist who lives in Tuscany; for over twenty years he has been a consultant in biodynamic farming. He refined and developed the modern biodynamic viticulture that he applies in some of the major Italian wineries. He is a researcher and investigator of the Biodynamic Agricultural Sciences Section. Leonello created and directed the first European public center for research on holistic biodynamic agriculture.

Leonardo Pironi

The passion in which the vigneron (wine grower) infuses into the project of biodynamic farming is endless; he knows that being a master in this field is not enough. He must also live alongside the vineyard, by putting himself at nature’s disposal, in every way, every day. Leonardo is the heart and engine of Mara estate, and it is thanks to his passion and his work that the fruit of vines has become a fine and completely natural great wine.

The Winemakers

A deep passion for wine, shared by those who work at the Tenuta Mara, where everything is carried out by human hands, day after day, in the changing of the seasons.