The Seasons

Everything begins in autumn

Our work begins in October, when the harvesting of the grapes from the previous year is almost complete and the vineyard begins to recuperate its original structure. This is the moment when we prepare the earth for the green manure, a mixture of essences that we sow by hand. After seeding, we disperse the cornoletame (horn-manure) using a shoulder held copper pump.

Winter activities

As soon as the last leaf of the vine has fallen from the vine-shoot we start to prune the plants by hand one by one. Shortly before spring and when the buds begin to swell, we protect them with small doses of pure mined sulphur. During the same period we define our farming technique “Guyot”: we tie the vine-shoots together horizontally, repeating the distribution of the cornoletame (horn manure) once again.

Spring, at last

To protect the newly born leaves from possible fungus attacks and to keep intact their photo-synthetic activities we use a protective mixture and mined sulphur, two natural pesticides that don’t contaminate the sap of the plant. We spray the land with a herbal infusion based on Equisetum. The grasses that grow near the vines, which could hinder their growth, are eliminated by hand as we don’t agree in using mechanical machinery. At this point the suckering phase begins, a practice that allows the plant to develop fully, in harmony with the other plants.

Summer enthusiasm

When the grape clusters begin to take shape we remove the non-fruit bearing buds by hand. In this period the plants flourish and given that we are firmly against the practice of vine topping, we entwine the tops of the fruit bearing vine-shoots to the highest wire. Two or three times before the harvest we disperse the cornosilice (horn silica) above the vines. The preparation transformed in tiny drops is vaporized throughout the vineyard. During the last few weeks prior to the grape harvest we control the plants and the fruits once again thinning the clusters that are in poor condition.