Tenuta Mara, together with the MaraMia Biodynamic Sangiovese will participate at the Cantina Didattica di Alma, the International School of Italian cooking

Tenuta Mara, together with the MaraMia Biodynamic  Sangiovese  will participate at the Cantina Didattica di Alma, the International  School of Italian cooking, which has as its objective to collaborate with the Italian  Wine producing cellars, aiming to propose the best Italian wines at a wine tasting to its own students.

During the different types of cooking courses, bakery courses, the new Superior Sala Bar and Sommelier course, Management catering and the Master Sommelier ALMA/AIS.  ALMA aims at developing the extraordinary outlook of Italian winemaking, taking advantage of the preparation of the students, updated didactic material and instruments  like the technical tasting charts, for a deeper study which sustain the safeguarding of the typical wine of every territory and build up ambassadors of Italian winemaking through the itinerary of high education.

Here Tenuta Mara comes into the picture, into the shortlist of companies which have been selected by ALMA, and for this reason “Supporter of the educational ALMA Wine Academy project”, of which its value lies in the solid prospect for the ALMA students to be acquainted with it – The future professionals of the Italian winemaking in the world – through the area of interesting lessons and the world of experts, sommeliers, chefs, the situation and prestigious companies bonded with the School on occasion of the tasting, events and events of the sector.