The second label of Tenuta Mara is born, A 100% fine biodynamic Sangiovese, elegant and floral in its bouquet,

 so particular that you can combine it perfectly with fish dishes.

 “2014 was not an easy year for wine producers, especially for those of Emilia-Romagna, owing to unusual summer rains and a spring without much sun. Yet when things go badly, this is when the character comes out…” Davide Marino, Tenuta Mara’s sommelier, tells us about the newly born GuIry 2014, a refined biodynamic Sangiovese, but it distances itself from its big brother MaraMia, enough to persuade the owner to create a second label, with a name which yet again is a tribute to a woman in the family…

“We have achieved a wine lower in alcohol, with less body and structure, which does not mean that it has a defect” explains Davide Marino. “Giury 2014 is a quality wine, fine, elegant and balanced. The wine extends vertically, it has a bouquet of moist  roses, very floral, clean, with a good acidity. Unusual characteristics for a Sangiovese. For this reason it is suitable to be coupled – a red wine! – with fish dishes, crudités, to recipes which are not too oily, perhaps to sea bass baked in course sea salt”.

An authentic surprise, no less for a 100% biodynamic product, achieved without the use of herbicides and chemical products: every year nature “writes” a different story, beginning with climatic conditions, the light, and the delicate balance of the ecosystem. This is what makes every single wine harvest at Tenuta Mara special!

Leonardo Pironi, winemaker of the Tenuta. “Every bottle is a faithful synopsis of the year in which the grape was cultivated and harvested. The spring and summer of 2014 was exceptionally rainy, and consequently the wine is very particular. The quality of Giury 2014 is thanks to the special attention which the vines received, the same attention which is dedicated to MaraMia: “We waited, when possible, for the sky to clear before harvesting” Leonardo Pironi recalls. “As per usual we harvested all the grapes by hand, devising a long sorting table on site, grape by grape. The grapes accumulated on the ground, those which had been ruined by the water. We worked with those that remained, with a yield of less than 40%. Then we placed the grapes to ferment and macerate in wooden vats, without added yeasts, for 20 days, not very long, as the skins were very thin. A year of maturation passed in oak barrels, and another 12 months of refining in bottles before we could finally taste our new Sangiovese: little quantity, but high quality”.