SPRING FAIRS. Three fabulous occasions to get acquainted with MaraMia 2015 and Giury 2014

Vinnatur, Villa Favorita 8 – 10 April

Monticello di Fara, Sarego (Vicenza)

Villa Favorita is offering an articulated wine tasting itinerary to enhance and  introduce you to natural wines. European winemakers who have common objectives to share techniques and experiences unite, to produce wine in a natural manner, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and to divulge the culture of the “terroir”.

Tenuta Mara looks forward to your company for an unforgettable wine tasting event, presented by vigneron Leonardo Pironi, on the 1st floor – Table n°18.


SUMMA Sunday 9 April

SUMMA is definitely one of the most anticipated dates in the wine sector. The underlying theme of the event continues to be that of sustainability; Furthermore, the exclusive partnership with Demeter continues, the international label which controls and certifies the work of agriculturists who practise biological-dynamic cultivation.

Elena and Giordano Emendatori await you on 9 April at Tenuta Alois Lageder – Area Demeter, from 10h00 – 18h00, for a special wine tasting of their biodynamic wine.


51st edition of Vinitaly, Verona Fiere.

9 – 11 April

At Padiglione 1 of Emilia-Romagna, inside the stand, adorned by evocative images, Tenuta Mara will present MaraMia 2015 and Giury 2014 and will let the public get acquainted with the wonderful world which revolves around these red wines, produced with 100% Sangiovese and biodynamic wine.

Davide Marino looks forward to seeing you at stand C2.