MARAMIA 2015: The breakthrough year for Tenuta Mara, thanks to the complicity of the climate and the ripeness of the plants

MaraMia is proof of a wine which is unique in its category, has extraordinarily seductive characteristics of colour, an aromatic complexity, is as fine as it is elegant, and has an astonishing gustative personality. 

From 2013 to 2015, skipping the year of 2014: an audacious choice carried out by Tenuta Mara, which goes unequivocally to seal the relationship of trust that is intended for and intends to establish with the consumer.

The year 2014 was particularly difficult yet it gave life to a biodynamic wine, 100% Sangiovese, which however does not have the characteristics to be labelled as MaraMia. From here the choice, the owner’s choice, to not produce MaraMia 2014 and to wait until the time was right to bottle the nectar which flowed from the harvest of 2015. A decision to free up the  estate from market principles, putting primary emphasis on customer satisfaction.

2015 was an exceptional year for most of Italy. The heat, sun-drenched land, characterized by scarce rain. The vineyards were in stress mode, but this small amount of stress made the plants give their best” explains the wine-maker of Tenuta Mara, Leonardo Pironi.

The grape harvest, which began halfway through September, presented a grape with a very thick skin which permitted it to be macerated for a longer period, 45 days. Despite the hot year, the alcohol content remained at 13.3°.

“2015 could be considered a breakthrough year, accomplice to the heat and the ripeness of the plants. A breakthrough which was also confirmed from the harvest of 2016, with the wine still in barrels but which already validate this change of direction”.

Finally, we leave the words of Giuseppe Vaccarini, President of the Association of Professional Italian Sommeliers, the task of letting us savour in his words, this extraordinary wine:

“Intense ruby red colour, limpid with garnet reflections. Bouquet which opens with floral aromas of broom and violet, fruity with raspberry, blackberry and black cherry, to which are added, in closing, surprising nuances of sandalwood and Mediterranean scrub accompanied by notes of the perfume of underbrush and of spicy cinchona, star aniseed and ginger. The flavour strikes with the enclosing softness, a discreet freshness and evident but velvety tannins which make it perfectly balanced. To complete the gustative frame is the final yet long persistence which closes with delicate balsamic notes which foretell its great future potential”.